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Plug and Play 中国管理合伙人

赵晨,美国硅谷 Plug and Play 科技孵化加速器中国区管理合伙人。他在中国带领Plug and Play专业团队致力于投资、加速本地科技创业项目成长,同时帮助海外顶尖科技创新企业进入中国并拓展国内市场。

自2013年起,赵晨在美国和中国主导和参与了包括海飞科AIGPU芯片,悟宝科技Woobo,相舆科技Xpower,一隅千象,纵行科技,真机智能,若贝特智能机器人,罗岛纳米基因测序,坤舆天气,Lepow乐泡,AutoX,Aescula Tech等100多个中外项目的早期投资与跨境孵化加速业务。

同时,他带领Plug and Play中国团队在三年时间内,分别于北京、上海、苏州、郑州、重庆、深圳各地建立Plug and Play加速器办公室并开展早期创业投资与海外项目落地业务。

赵晨为现任北京市创业导师、清华大学/北京大学/浙江大学/北京航空航天大学创业导师、海淀青联委员。在此之前,赵晨曾在美国Investment Technology Group (NYSE:ITG) 集团担任开发团队负责人以及高级软件工程师一职,任职期间他曾带领团队为华尔街大型投资机构设计开发了多款股票和外汇交易成本分析软件。


Chen is currently spearheading Plug and Play Tech Center’s startup accelerator and investment activities in China. He manages a team that are specialized in both growing local technology startups and helping cutting edge global companies enter into and expand their businesses in China market.

Since 2015, Plug and Play China has been in operation in 8 cities (Beijing, Shanghai, Shenzhen, Chongqing, etc.), and Chen’s led and participated in investment and cross-border acceleration of over 100 startups in both China and the U.S., including Hexaflake AIGPU, ZifiSense, Zhen Robotics, Rulebit, Wubuwei, Lepow, Woobo,Xpower,Archifiction,NRJ Nano Tech,King Weather AutoX,Aescula Tech, etc.

Prior to Plug and Play, Chen worked as the team lead and Sr. Software Engineer at Investment Technology Group (NYSE:ITG), where he led a development team in designing and implementing various Equity and Foreign Exchange trading analytics applications for institutional investment firms.

Chen holds an MBA from UCLA Anderson School of Management, MS from USC and BS from Beihang University in Computer Science.

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